Friday, 31 March 2017

DJ Krome - One In The Jungle - 19th September 1997

DJ SS - Black (A) [Formation Colours Series]

- Mix Starts -

DJ Krome

Hopa & Bones - Dragons Fist [True Playaz]
Cut Loose - Body Rock [Influential]
The Kraft - Feel Good [Charge]
Rude & Deadly - Give Me A Dubplate (97 Remix) [Smokers Inc]
Dazee - Homeboyz (Remix) [Ruffneck Ting]
DJ Zinc - Bring The Danger [True Playaz]
Dog Section - Respect [Smokers Inc]
Decoder - Circuit Breaker (Peshay Remix) [Tech Itch]
Special K - Step Up [Thunder]
B-Jam - Funkula ('97 Mix) [No Smoking]
DJ Hype - Jump [True Playaz]
Concept 2 - No Mistake [Ram]
Dope Skillz - Blocked [True Playaz]
Dog Section - Powerful [Smokers Inc]
The Riddler - Ain't No Way [Joker]

- Mix Ends -

**Spotlight on Jonny L**

(played in background) Jonny L - S4 [XL - Sawtooth LP]
(played in background) Jonny L - Moving Thru Air [XL - Sawtooth LP]
(played in background) Jonny L - Tychonic Cycle [XL]
(played in background) Jonny L - I Let U [XL - Sawtooth LP]
(played in background) Jonny L - S4 [XL - Sawtooth LP]

Dope Skillz - Tighten Up [True Playaz]
Decoder - D-fect [Tech Itch]
Unknown Artist - Promo 16 [Promo - 12PROMO-16]

- Club Guide -

A-Sides - The 4th Dragon [Fuze]
Genotype - Square Waves [Renegade Hardware]
Goldie feat. Krs One - Digital (Boymerang Mix) [FFRR]

Friday, 17 March 2017

DJ Red & Jonny L - One In The Jungle - 21st November 1997

DJ Red

Genoforce - The Germ [Renegade Hardware - Quantum Mechanics LP]
Dom & Matrix - The Vandal [Moving Shadow]
Pascal & Phantasy - Terradaktil (Future Forces Remix) [Frontline]
Splash Collective - Stone Cold [Splash]
Cybotron feat. Dillinja - Light Years [Prototype]
Future Forces Inc – Bypass [Trouble On Vinyl – Code Of The Streets LP]
DJ Red - Dynamics [Trouble On Vinyl]
DJ Red - Enta Da Dragon (Tekken 3 Mix) [Trouble On Vinyl]

Jonny L

Jonny L - Two Of Us [XL - Sawtooth LP]
Jonny L - Moving Thru Air [XL - Sawtooth LP]
Jonny L - Piper (Grooverider Mix) [XL]
Jonny L - Piper [XL]
Jonny L - Wish U Had Something [XL - Sawtooth LP]
Roni Size - It's Jazzy [V - V Classics LP]
Cybotron featuring Dillinja - Threshold [Prototype]
Jonny L - Common Origin [XL]
The Kraft - Just Roll (V.I.P.) [Charge]
Codename John - Structures Of Red [Metalheadz]
DJ Kane - The Wrath [Trouble On Vinyl - Code Of The Streets LP]
Technical Itch - Stronghold [Moving Shadow]

Friday, 24 February 2017

Ed Rush - Kiss 100 FM - 23rd April 1997

Optical - Zoner [Virus - Virus Vaults CD]
Jonny L - Piper [XL]
Outer Limits - Mind Over Matter [Downbeat - Meditation Continues (Downbeat In The Jungle 4) LP]
Goldie - The Calling (Remix) [V - V Classic LP]
Shimon & Andy C – Mutation [Ram]
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (The Remix) [31]
Codename John - Warned [Higher Ground - Prototype Years LP]
Ed Rush - Sabotage [Metalheadz - Metalheadz Boxset 1]
DJ Die - Special Treat [V]
Ed Rush & Nico - Technology (Boymerang Remix) [No U-Turn]
Dillinja - Soul Control [V]
Roni Size / Reprazent - Share The Fall (Grooverider's Jeep Style Mix) [Talkin' Loud]
Nasty Habits - March [31]
Boymerang - Mind Control [Regal]
Ed Rush & Fierce - Locust [Higher Ground - Grooverider The Prototype Years LP]
DJ Trace - Monkeys [Unreleased]
Ed Rush & Nico - Torque [No U-Turn]
Fortran - Search [31]
Dillinja - Unexplored Terrain [V]
Dillinja - Tron [Unreleased]
Dom & Optical - Untitled [Unreleased]

Thanks to Oldtree for the tape rip

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Ratty - Quest & Pandemonium - 17th October 1992


4-Mega - Drop This [White House]
The Criminal Minds - Re-Baptised By Dub (Selector's Revenge) [White House]
Remodon - Wonderful [Kickin]


Mr Rush - Happy Land EP (B1) [RH001]
Zookeepers Revenge - Charged Up [Dance Bass]
DJ Phantasy's Mate - Edit Vol 1 (A) [Not On Label - EDD 001]
DJ Mayhem - Damage [Basement]
Tango & Dom - Got To Release [Double Vision]
Nebula II - Peace Maker [Reinforced]
Nasty Habits - Dark Angel [Reinforced]
Dica & DJ Big Vern - 100 M/PHr [Boogie Beat]
Kaotic Chemistry - Space Cakes (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Bad Influence - Sudden Impact [Bad Influence (BI)]
Tango - Project 1 (AA) [F Project]
Wax Doctor - A New Direction [Basement]
Nasty Habits - Let's Go (Cold Remix) [Reinforced]
Dica & DJ Big Vern - Don't Think About Me [Boogie Beat]
Foul Play - Survival [Moving Shadow]
The Anthill Mob - Revenge Of The Hooded Claw [Anthill]
Tango - Project 1 (A) [F Project]
Tango And Ratty - Tales From The Darkside (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
DJ's Unite - In Effect (Dancin' The Whole Night) [Impact]
Smooth But Hazzardous - Smooth But Hazzardous [Basement]
Mystery Man - D.J. Business [Fokus U.K.]
The Prodigy - Ruff In The Jungle Bizness [XL - Experience LP]
Tango & Dom - My Mind Is Going [Double Vision]
Nasty Habits - Mayday, Mayday [Reinforced]
Jack 'N Phil - Punishment (You Didn't Learn Mix) [Basement]
DJ Edge - Compnded [Edge]
Tronikhouse - Straight Outta Hell (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Network]
Citadel Of Kaos - E-Z Man [The Living Dream]

Monday, 13 February 2017

Jumping Jack Frost - Kiss 100 FM - 5th March 1997

Roni Size - It's Jazzy [V - V Classic LP]
Basement Jaxx - Flylife (Roni Size "Flyz" Mix) [Multiply]
Roni Size / Reprazent - Destination [Talkin' Loud - Roni Size / Reprazent New Forms LP]
Roni Size / Reprazent - New Forms [Talkin' Loud]
Jazz Cartel - Expand [Creative Wax]
A Forest Mighty Black - Tides (Peshay & Flytronix Mix) [Compost]
Decoder - Fuse [Elementz]
Krust - True Stories [Talkin' Loud]
Breakbeat Era - Breakbeat Era (Full Length Mix) [XL]

Friday, 10 February 2017

Grooverider & Bryan Gee - Quest 'Groove Connection Christmas Party' - 18th December 1993


Doc Scott - N.H.S. (Reinforced Shout) [Reinforced]
Apollo Two - Atlantis (I Need You) (LTJ Bukem remix) [Good Looking]
Fusion - Love For The World (remix) [Kemet]
Origination - Music Takes Control [Rudeboy]
DJ Ruffkutt - Dangerous [No U-Turn]
Skanna - Until The Night Is Morning (AA Side) [Skanna]
DJ Mayhem - Inesse (Ray Keith remix) [Face]
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
The Anthill Mob - Black Rushin' (Anthill Remix) [Anthill]
Fugitive - Fugitive [Underdog]
International Rude Boyz - Paragone (remix) [Formation]
Grooverider - Do You Dream [Unreleased]
Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura [Dee Jay]
DJ Buz - Slave [No U-Turn]
Wots My Code - Dubplate (The Terrorist Mixes Part 2) [Not On Label - RK 01]
>> Hardware - X Amount Of Shots [Face]
Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune (Fantasy #1) [Moving Shadow]
>> Tom And Jerry - It Comes A Dime A Dozen EP (AA2) [Tom & Jerry]
Hardware - X Amount Of Shots [Face]
JMJ & Richie - Case Reopened (Deep Blue Brought To Trial Remix) [Moving Shadow]

Bryan Gee

Renegade - Something I Feel [Moving Shadow]
Roni Size - Unknown Title "Dubplate" [Unreleased]
Q Project - Champion Sound (Alliance remix) [Legend]

Dr S Gachet - Club Extreme 'A New Creation' - 26th March 1993

Mole The Dipper - Elaborate [Bear Necessities]
Bay-B-Kane - Watch The Danger [Kikman]
Smooth But Hazzardous - We Are The Creator [Sound Entity]
Chaos & Julia Set - Atmosphere (Sub Base Field Mix) [Recoil]
Citadel Of Kaos - Passion [Boombastic Plastic]
Tom And Jerry - Cat Got Your Tongue [Tom & Jerry]
DJ Hype - Weird Energy (Hells' Bells Mix) [Suburban Base]
Studio II - Dirty Games [Not On Label - ST 001]
Wots My Code - Dubplate [XLR8]
Wots My Code - Dubplate (Just Jump Around) [Advance]
Sacred - Do It Together (Remix) [Pursuit]
S.M.F. - Twisted Bungle [Rugged Vinyl]
Ash-A-Tack - Mother 2 Lousey [Dubwise]
Nino - World Champion (I Feel So Real) [Production House]
Payback - Second Installment (A1) [Labello Blanco - LB 36]