Thursday, 19 January 2017

DJ Top Off - Weekend Rush 92.3 FM - February 1992

Rhythm Section - Feel The Rhythm [Rhythm Section]
Razor Boy & Mirror Man - Cutter Mix [Rabbit City]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice (Concrete Jungle Mix) [Urban Shakedown]
Liquid - Sweet Harmony [XL]
Data Bass - A Trip In The Night [Logic]
D D Hass - Who's Hous'N? (Mix 1) [Underground Connection]
QBass - Hardcore Will Never Die (Telepathic Mix) [Suburban Base]
TronikHouse - Up Tempo [KMS]
2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down [Moving Shadow]
Code 071 - A London Sumtin' [Reinforced]
Noise Factory - Warning (Dub Mix) [Ibiza]
CMC - Lets Rave - E Buzz! [Limited E Edition]
Project One - Smokin' [Rising High]
DJ Trace - Inception [Orbital]
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Higher [Suburban Base]
CMC - Don't Stop [Limited E Edition]

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Grooverider - Kiss 100 FM - 31st January 1997

PFM - Cruising Detroit [Moving Shadow - Storm From The East LP]
Goldie - The Calling (Remix) [V - V Classic LP]
Optical - Cryogenesis [Artcore Volume 4 LP]
J Majik - Repertoire [Metalheadz]
Hidden Agenda - The Sun [Creative Source]
Matrix - Junk [New Identity]
Neo-Tech - Terminal [Moving Shadow]
Goldie - I'll Be There For You [FFRR - Saturnz Return LP]
Photek - The Third Sequence [Astralwerks]
Boymerang - Mind Control [Regal - Boymerang - Balance Of The Force LP]
Optical - What's The Difference? [Virus - 20 Years Of Optical Vol. 1]
Ed Rush & Nico - Technology (Boymerang Remix) [No U-Turn]
DJ Krust - Soul In Motion [Full Cycle]
The Quartet - Nevada [Pivotal Entertainment]
Lemon D - City Lights [Higher Ground - Prototype Years LP]

Monday, 16 January 2017

Paranoia & Big Bite - Unity 88.4 FM - December 1993


DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Gotta Release [Slammin' Vinyl]
Justice - Soothe My Soul (Warped Kore Mix) [White House]
Future Sound Of Hardcore - Desire [Dee Jay]


Big Bite

Under Rhythm - Sub Circle Remix [Booby Trap]
Bonny & The Highlander - Summer Breeze (Micky Finn's Breeze Mix) [Pirate Club]
Under Rhythm - Future Technology (Winds Of Barleyhill) [Booby Trap]
Uncle 22 & Navigator - 6 Million Ways To Die (DJ Hype Mix) [Ram]
Curly Greylox - Fools Rushin [Buzz]

Friday, 13 January 2017

G.E. Real - Pure X 'Studio Mix No. 17 Part One' - Late 1993

Dark & Moody - Volume 4 (AA) [Dark & Moody]
Acro - Superpod [Force Ten]
DJ Rap & Aston - Jeopardy [Suburban Base]
Potential Bad Boy - New Style (Re-Mix) [Ibiza]
3 Way Split with DJ Easygroove - Wicked Ones [Where's The Party]
Subnation - Scotties Sub [Mercyless]
Conquering Lion - Dub Plate Special (Ruff Cut) [X Project]
>> Deborah Glasgow - Champion Lover
Double H Productions - How Dark It Is (Remix) [Hard Disk]
Vibes & Wishdokta - Volume 1 (A) 'Sweetest Love' [VW]
Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era - R Yeah [Suburban Base]
A Guy Called Gerald - Take Me [Juice Box]
Bonny & The Highlander - Summer Breeze (Micky Finn's Breeze Mix) [Pirate Club]
Noise Factory - Can You Feel The Rush (The Power Mix) [Kemet]
Johnny Jungle - Flammable (DJ Hype remix) [Suburban Base]
Psycho & Mr Man - Jungle [Rugged Vinyl]
Mystical - 9.30 Nine O-Clock E.P. (A) [Stooge Productions)
DJ Nexus - Dark Gathering Volume 1 [Back 2 Basics]
Noise Factory - Future II (The Remix) [3rd Party]
Bizzy B - Infactuation [One Nation]
DJ Junk - Quark [Junk]
>> ?? ("the rhythm has a certain hypnotic effect")
T.S / M.F. - Ladies Pt. 1 [Wicked Soundz]
>> ??
Capone - Black Wax EP (A1) [Target]
Phuture Primitive - Twinkie [Kniteforce]
DJ Aka - Farside [Soapbar]
The Korgis - Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime (Sue Me Please) [Euro]

G.E. Real - Pure X - Autumn 1993

Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows (Long Dark remix) [Ram]
Johnny Jungle - Flammable [Suburban Base]
D.O.P.E. - When I Was Young (DJ Easy B & T-Bags Revisited Mix) [Rugged Vinyl]
Lemon D – Parazone Part 3 Remix (Final Visit 2 The Parazone) [Planet Earth]
Fusion - Love For The World [Kemet]
M-Beat - Rumble (A) [Renk]
A Guy Called Gerald - Darker Than I Should Be [Juice Box]
M-Beat - Forever [Renk]
The Invisible Man - The Beginning [Timeless]
E.K.U.D.C.M. - Ultra Jungle (All Nite) [Hard Disk]
Phuture Primitive - Full Metal Jacket [Kniteforce]
Cloud Nine - Return Of The Donut [Moving Shadow]
Pascal & Sponge - I Got You (Ezee Boy) (2 Sinister remix) [Face]
M-Beat - Dark Magnet (Mix 2) [Renk]
Digital Sound Rush - Cities In The Sun [Sunbeam]
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect (The Remix) [Slammin' Vinyl]

Thursday, 12 January 2017

DJ Hype - Kiss 100 FM - 19th March 1997

Cold Mission - Freaky Style [Reinforced]
D.O.P.E. - When I Was Young (DJ Easy B & T-Bags Revisited Mix) [Rugged Vinyl]
Foul Play - Being With You [Moving Shadow]
Jay-Z - Ain't No Playa (Ganja Kru Remix) [Northwestside]
3 Way - Sub Zero [Dope Dragon]
Prisoners Of Technology - Battle Master (Life Story Mix) [Fresh Kutt]
Embee - Fluid Dynamics [Juice]
DJ Swift - Load [True Playaz]
Dom & Rob - Distorted Dreams (Desired State Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Pascal - Cool Manoeuvre [True Playaz]
The Ganja Kru (Pascal) - New Frontiers [Parousia]
Adam F - Circles [Section 5]
Aquarius & Tayla - Soul Searching [Good Looking]
S.T. Files - Sky High [Intalex]
Embee - Cobalt 73 [Unreleased]
Scorpio - Li Li [V - V Classic LP]
Shimon & Andy C - Mutation [Ram]
The Ganja Kru (DJ Hype) - Plague That Never Ends [Parousia]
Freestyles - Feel [True Playaz]

Friday, 23 December 2016

DJ Overdose & DJ Demo - Don 105.7 FM - 27th November 1992

DJ Overdose

X Cert - Bass Nightmare [Limited E Edition]
The Criminal Minds - Flynny's Theme [White House]
Spectral - Close Your Eyes [Cue]
(break in recording)
The Criminal Minds - Headhunter 1 (Mind Dub) [White House]
The Prodigy - Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes remix) [XL]
(break in recording)
Metalheads - Terminator [Synthetic]
Danny B - Bongo Don [Labello Blanco]
D-Livin' - Why [D' Livin]
Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy [Production House]

DJ Demo

Aurora - Sunshine [Adrenalin]
Run Tings - Something To Dance To [Suburban Base]
Oz Beat - Side A [F Project]
Dica & DJ Big Vern - Don't Think About Me [Boogie Beat]
(break in recording)
Edge Of Darkness - Come Together [After Dark]
Nexus & Blowback - Boomin Tunes Volume 1 (AA2) [F Project]
Cloud Nine - Gonna Be Alright [Not On Label - CLOUD 2]
Macka Brown - Go Down Baby [Labello Blanco]
Metalheads - Terminator [Synthetic]
Wots My Code - Dubplate [XLR8]
Ajax Project - Ruffige [Not On Label - MACH III]
Foul Play - Ragatere [Oblivion]
Tic Tac Toe - 456 (Remix) [Tic Tac Toe]
2 Da Core - Na Touch It [Purple Heart]
EQ - Total Xstacy (DJ SS & EQ remix) [Formation]